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Exceptional Gunsmith Services

At Moody Custom Arms LLC we offer many different services to our Customers in a Timley Professional Manner.

Below are just some of the Services that we Perform.

Trigger Jobs

Anything from cleaning of a trigger mech or group to a drop in trigger to extensive trigger work to make your firearm perform at its best.

Stock Refinishing/Repair

We can alter,repair, refinish or replace any gun stock. To changing the recoil pad to bring your firearm back to life and make it feel comfortable for your shooting needs.

Accurizing Rifles/Pistols

From bore sighting your rifle. Sight adjustment on a pistol. To pillar bedding, blueprinting, bolt facing etc. We can do it all and make your weapon shoot groups that will make you brag.

Firearm Repair

Our combined 50 plus years of experience in the firearm industry allows us to perfom all aspects of repair and replacement of parts on any firearm.   If its broke. We can fix it.

Scope Mounting

Some may think that mounting a scope is a simple process.  Truth be told there is a lot that goes into it. Alignment and lapping of rings, correct torque ratios etc. So when that big buck comes into view, you can be sure that your on target.

Cleaning and Inspection

There is more that goes into cleaning a firearm that some may think. We will completely dismantle your firearm to thoroughly clean and inspect your gun to keep it in peek performance.

Cerakote Application

Moody Custom Arms has extensive knowledge in Cerakote Applications. We can  turn your firearm into a work of art with the toughest finish in the industry. With a variety of colors to choose from. Let us make your firearm look its best.


This is the WOW factor for firearms. If you truly want a different look and a work of art. Then the Hydrographic process is the way to go. We can apply an array of colors,patterns or designs that will make your firearm really POP

Custom Leather Work

If your in need of a new holster, magazine holder or a rifle sling. We offer custom leather work from our talanted Leathersmith here in our shop. With a variety of shapes and colors. Let us make it a one of a kind for you.

Recoil Pads

Is that rifle or shotgun punching you in the shoulder?  Maybe that recoil pad is just showing its age.  Either way we can freshen that up with a new recoil pad installation to fit your firearm.


That old favorite in the back of the  safe is ready to handed down but you want it to be special.  Well we can do a restoration for ya.  Lots of options to breathe new life into special firearms.

FFL Transfers

Need an FFL to transfer a firearm to?  We do that.  Let whoever you're buying from know to ship to us.  They can contact us and we will send our FFL info to them to make the transfer.

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